Minerals - just as important as vitamins

Are you drinking milk to provide your bones to become porous?  

This focus alone is not enough, because the absorbation of calsium is highly related to what minerales you eat. 

So let`s dive into the mineralworld and see what we can find and how it is all connected. 

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EQU hardbread is full of minerals through all it`s seeds

These are minerals: 


Important for skeletons structure and maintenance and is crucial for mucle contraction. Pluss calsium is also needed for the bloodcoagulation to work  (clotting/wound healing) 

For more calsium in your diet eat nuts, seeds, cheese, beens, plantmilk with calsium and some dairy products if you can tolerate it.

To secure proper absorbation of calsium you need enough vitamin D that we normally get from sun to our skin, but when we don`t have alot of that be sure to eat fat fish or take supplements during the wintermonths (especially if you live in a area wiht lack of sun) 

(be aware that milk also has a lot of milksugar so too much.. can be too much) 


Regulates the bloodpressure and is important for normal function in muscle, nerve and heartcelles. Kalium reduces the risk for kidney stones and stroke. Pluss it playes an important role in the acid base balance. 

For more potassium eat more avocados, spinach and bananas. 

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Green salad to secure more minerals to your diet


One of the most important mineral for skelaton, nervesystem, muscles, metabolism and heart. Magnesium is an important co-factor for several prosesses in the body to funcion properly; burning carbohydrates, creating energy, regulating the electrolyte balance, proteinproduction, procution and storage of cell energy, cell growth and reproduction and creating DNA/RNA. 

Eat more almonds, nuts, spinach, broccoli, artichock and some corn to secure a good portion. 

CALSIUM, POTASSIUM & MAGNESIUM work together so variety in your diet is securing a properly intake of all 3! 

Avokado, hummus and creem cheese contains good minerals


Important antioxidants to fight free radicals and oxidative stress. 

These are found in fish, shellfish and nuts (especially paranuts for selen)


Crucial for creation of red blodcelles and oxygentransport. 

EAT more beens, peas, beets, green vegetables, wholegrain. Try blood sausage if your iron storage is getting low. (sorry vegans!) 

I can higly recommand raw food places like OSLO RAW that has amazing tasty food filled with natural minerals and clean raw food ..and everything is Vegan. 

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Treats from Oslo Raw full of minerals and fiber


Crucial for electrolyt balance, liquid balance and acid-base balance. Most people usually get enough ..and sometimes too much as it is found in salt. 

It is important to pay attention to this espesially if you are very active or staying in warmer climates. In any situatins where your body tend to loose more liquid through sweat. In those cases make sure to have salt in your meals or add to water if you drink alot to make of for the liquid loss.  


Needed for the creaton of hemoglobin (oxygentransporters in the blood) and for cell protection. Is also very important for the enzym superoxide dismutase that protects us from dangourasly reactive forms of oxygen that can destroy the cellmembrans. 

Still theres is alot we don`t know about the importance of copper, but we cannot make it without it. 

Copper is found in alot of food so the most important take home message here is; 

EAT a little bit of everyting - VARIATION is the key 


An important supporter for Calsium that contributes to strong teeth and bones. Needed for consumtion of carbohydrates, protein and fat. Helps the acid-base balance and transportation of fatty acids. 

FOUND in fish, chicken, turkey, eggs, nuts, almonds, beans, peas, lenses and some dairy products. 


Has gotten alot of attention lately because it was discovered that many people has too little of this. This is especially very serious if pregnant woman doesn`t have enough as it can influence the fetus developement. 

EAT more fish and egg (2 eggs a day coveres your daily need). Dairy product contains iodine because they get it throug their feed. 


Playes important roles in many of the biochemical processes and especially two important ones: 

Burning of carboydrates and fat pluss neutralizing of oxidative stress

Found in bread, nuts and vegetables! 

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Too much and too little.. has no taste!

Take home: 

  • More vegetables 
  • Variety on your plate
  • Go nuts and eat a little bit of nuts everyday 



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