Everything started after Ann-Christin had struggled dealing with her own health issues and realized how much impact food and lifestyle affected her body. 

She wanted to help others to understand that diet can make the situation better, but diet alone is not enough. So after years of education in nutrition, coaching and pedagogy she started to develop the EQU consept. 

EQU is short for EQUILIBRIUM and means balance. 


To have a healty lifestyle that can build up your health you need balance between FOOD, ACTIVITY, MENTAL AND REST.  


Ann-Christin also develped her own glutenfree bread, also with the name EQU.  This bread contains no triggers for upset stomachs and has more protein and healthy fat than other breadtypes, espacially in the glutenfree marked. The thought behind this is to help people get more lasting energy when eating bread. 

You can buy EQU bread in several stores in Norway and EQU flourmix online on equstore.no 

EQU developes food to make it easier to live healthy! 

We share knowlegde through public speaks and courses in how to find the balance in life with focus on all four elements that affects our health. F

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TEL:+ 47 93 24 22 45  


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